(R + E²) x C = D, the Design Equation (DEq) makes Finding the Right Solution a HABIT!

DEq guarantees the same methodical approach to every project, adds structure to the creative process and strengthens the client partner relationship through effective communication.


To tell Your Story, we have to Know Your Story!

Logo, business card, social media banner or brand audit, each project is based on Who you are, What you do, Why you do it and How you do it. Research helps  figure that out. Asking the right questions, listening for the right answers and knowing where to find the right resources.

Play with the Possibilities!

Font, color, image, shape, layout – explorations help identify key project elements. Experimenting with different combinations and relationships of the key elements help to determine what works.

Vision becomes Reality!

This is where the plan comes together. We answer the questions, make the hard decisions- create the concept.

Implement the Solution!

Go to press, post it, mail it, email it, text it, create it. Test it. Does it work? YES! Great! Next! No! Why not? What's wrong? Fix it! 

Shelton Cochran Design is in the Problem Solving Business!